Behind every wooden seagull blogger stands a woman … and a man.  Allow me to introduce my team a.k.a. The Oldies:



Herwig Schenk a.k.a. His Lordship a.k.a. Himself

Herwig is the man behind the wheel, the camera and the cooker. He is tall, dark and Austrian.

He has worked as a factory machine operator, army officer, translator, builder, diplomat, export manager, English teacher, small time property tycoon and Christmas tree seller.

He still hasn’t decided what he wants to be when he grows up.


Anne Gibney a.k.a. Her Ladyship a.k.a. Herself

Anne is the navigator, the fingers on the computer keyboard and chief dish washer. She is short, blonde and Irish.

Her career as a bilingual P.A. was trundling along nicely when His Lordship landed in her office and her life. She has since joined him in his property, teaching and translating endeavours. He was the boss while they were still in the office.

She has been the boss ever since.