My philosophy???

What bright spark came up with that? I’m a seagull for god’s sake! A wooden seagull at that.

In case you haven’t noticed already.

On second thoughts…

… if you want my philosophy, I’ll give you my philosophy:

Right, for starters, don’t expect a standard travel blog. My bird brain can’t cope with reams of data. If you want facts and figures, you can google them. I’ll try to remember the names of the places I’ve been to and give you a few pics. If any of these places kindles your interest, you can look into them further. Deal?

Next, and finally, this diary is purely my personal bird’s eye view. A few impressions of a few nice places. And of the people and events I come across along the way.

Basically, I am just out to enjoy myself. I’m a seagull, don’t forget – I like to fly free, I like to observe the world around me and I like a good laugh.

I hope you do too.