Taking off into the New Year

Taking off into the New Year

Black concrete duck-Servus Seamus!

-What? Oh, hiya Felix. Long time, no see! How’s your garden growing?

-Very funny! Just because I’m a concrete patio ornament, don’t think you can get away with smart remarks like that.

-Oops a daisy! Sorry, Felix! But tell me really. How are you doing?

-Great thanks! I’m one lucky duck. Sitting here all day in one of the best spots in the garden, watching the world go by, not a care in the world!

-Yeah, and I see that you’ve plenty of company. Any new additions recently?

-Naw. Don’t think so. The donkeys and the wild boar were here last time you were here, weren’t they?

-They were, Felix. I certainly wouldn’t forget that boar! Aren’t you nervous having him so close? I’ve heard wild boars can be pretty dangerous creatures.

wild boar garden ornament-What, Bruno? He’s just a pussy cat! Someone’s been leading you up the garden path!

-Haha! Ok. You got me there, Felix!

-Anyway, where have you been Seamus? I haven’t seen you in ages! I missed our little chats whenever you’d stop by on your walks with those owners of yours.

-Gosh, it has been quite a while alright. We haven’t been in Austria much at all, in fact. Let’s see, where have we been this year? Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ireland, France, Germany, Portugal, even America!

-Wow. Sounds like you’ve had an amazing year! But are you not exhausted from all that gallivanting around?

-Ah, not at all. I won’t beat around the bush: my owners are no spring chickens. And they certainly believe in slow travel. Between you and me, that suits me down to the ground!

-You’re no spring chicken yourself, Seamus!

-I’m afraid you’re right there, Felix. Not even a spring seagull! By the way, I see your Oldies are all looking well. Ha! His Lordship’s beard is nearly as white as yer man’s there!

garden gnomes, sitting-Anyway, what have you been up to since you got home, Seamus?

-Mainly trying to keep warm! No, it’s been good to be back in spite of the fact that the Oldies tend to abandon me on the window sill far too often. Last night, for example, they went off to see the Öadi Böads and left me at home!

-Who or what are the Öadi Böads?

-Oh, don’t you know them? They’re a really cool local band. The Oldies were raving about them, said it was a brilliant show, but muggins here only managed to catch the distant strains of their music through the window.

-What does Öadi Böads mean anyway, Seamus?

-His Lordship tells me that it basically means ‘birds with their feet firmly on the ground’. Just like you and me Felix, come to think of it. You’re concrete, I’m wooden. Neither of us birds is flying anywhere!

-You must be joking, Seamus! Wooden you may be, but you’re certainly not letting the grass grow under your feet. Take it from this Öadi Böad, you’ll be flying around the world again in 2018 – with a little help from your Oldies.

-You know, you’re right Felix. I hope I’ll stay on the road until I’m kicking up the daisies! Speaking of which, I have to hit the road now. Bye and Happy New Year!

-Happy New Year, Seamus. Be sure to come back and tell me all about your adventures.

-I certainly will, Felix, that’s a promise!

Seamus the Seagull with champagne and glasses


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